March 2023


Family, Friends and Lennox Station

By Cindy Ruzak

The Lenox Park area has a rich history, and three local couples are in the process of adding another chapter to that story. Dale Salvaggio-Bradshaw and Steve Bradshaw, Dr. Charlotte and Clement Riddle, and Bart and Alisa Salvaggio purchased Lennox Station in 2021 with the intent of rejuvenating this Lenox Park Historic District property. They envisioned a community gathering place for friends and family to dine, drink, and shop along the Ecusta Trail.


The couples began twenty years of friendship anchored by Dale and Bart's sibling relationship, shared workspaces, and friendships and relationships among their children. As they discovered common outdoor interests, particularly hiking and biking, the families grew closer– , even more so as their children began to share these interests with each other. The families spent so much time with each other that the kids were virtually raised together.


Bart was the first to take notice of the Lennox Station property, which he biked past on a regular basis. A couple of years prior to the purchase, he expressed interest to the owner; so when circumstances presented themselves, the group was ready to proceed.

As with so many of the business owners associated with the Trail, the group’s primary aim is to provide something beneficial to the community, and even more specifically, to the local neighborhood.  They envision a venue filled with family-friendly recreational and social destination tenants.


While the owners create the infrastructure and offer design assistance, individual tenants bring their own business ideas to the table. Trailside Brewing Company expects to be open by the middle of April, with indoor and outdoor garden style seating. Plans include musical entertainment among the firepits, says brewery partner David Schnitzer of Appalachian Coffee. Ecusta Trail Market and Café is expected to open in June. Phase One may also include an additional restaurant and possibly an event space.


Lennox Station’s owners are constructing sidewalks on two sides of the property to better connect the surrounding residential neighborhood and better include the local community. Parking will be available for customers and trail users. Gardens will adorn open spaces on the property, and trail access points are being developed in coordination with the City of Hendersonville. Phase Two will take shape over the next five years, utilizing the two acres that stretch behind the current Phase One buildings. 

Lennox Station is located in the Lenox Park Historic District of Hendersonville, an area with a diverse history of mixed residential and business use.. (Readers may have noted different spellings–Lennox Station sits alongside Lenox Park and Spring.) The existing structure, built in 1915 with an addition built in the 1950s, has retained much of its distinctive early 20th century character. In the 1920s, Lenox Park was a tourism stop along the railroad where residents took in summer travelers from across the Southeast.The buildings were later home to the Freeze-Bacon Hosiery Mill, one of whose employees, James P. Grey Jr., later founded the Grey Hosiery Mill in Hendersonville.The Wing Paper Box Company called Lennox Station home, and later, the site hosted the first Hendersonville Lowe’s.


Lenox Spring sits just across the street from Lennox Station, opposite the Ecusta Trail. Historically, visitors  were drawn to the location for the healing powers of its mineral waters, which were produced at a rate of up to 30,000 gallons per day. Hendersonville’s City Manager has proposed renovation of the park, but funding remains undetermined.


Interviewed for this article were Dale Salvaggio-Bradshaw, Bart Salvaggio, and Dr. Charlotte Riddle. More information is available at Lennox Station,  Trailside Brewing Co., and Ecusta Market & Cafe

Henderson County Rail-Trail

Advisory Committee

No Meeting

Special March Events to Benefit

the Oklawaha Greenway

By Lynn Huffman

RAISE A PINT at Oklawaha Brewing, 147 First Ave. E, Hendersonville. During the entire month of March, Friends of Oklawaha Greenway receive a portion of every beer sale. The proceeds will be used for the memorial garden, creating signage for the new bird trail, and paying for website costs.


March 3 - Oklawaha Greenway Kick-Off Fundraiser, Oklawaha Brewing

Festivities begin at 6pm with Hendo’s popular singer songwriter, John Perkins. At 8PM the multi-talented Downtown Trio Deluxe will keep the dance tunes coming. Friends of Oklawaha Greenway will receive 20% of sales this day and night!



Representatives from current and future area greenways will be at Oklawaha Brewing 5 - 7pm. Friends of Ecusta Trail will be on hand to answer questions and provide updates.

Connecting our trails!The City of Hendersonville has $77,250 for a planning grant from the Department of Transportation. The grant will enable the City to start planning links between the Oklawaha Greenway and the Ecusta Trail. The project, which has been nicknamed "Above the Mud", will also support planning to reduce Greenway flooding near Jackson Park. 

Brevard Ecusta Trail

Advisory Board

By Matt Revis

Engineers removed the train trestle spanning the Davidson River recently, opening the south entrance to the Davidson River Road. Finished earlier than expected, Mark Tooley (Conserving Carolina) remarked that this opens the road to large fire department vehicles. Trout stocking along this popular fishing stretch will occur in March, without interference.


Steve Williams (NCDOT) reported that the FLAP (Federal Lands Access Program) grant money is on the way. The allocation should arrive to the city of Brevard “in the near future”.  This release process includes a LIDAR (light detection and ranging) survey of the trail corridor in Transylvania County.  This aerial survey must be completed soon, before the return of tree leaves. Mr. Williams noted that this survey will prove valuable to the trail design team.

Paul Ray (Brevard Planning) walked sections of the Ecusta Trail on January 30 with engineering staff from Transportation Planning & Development (TPD) and Vaughn & Melton.  On first viewing of several bridges, engineers felt confident that the spans could be used rather than replaced. This reduces trail construction costs by $1M or more.  TPD staff intend to create a story map to help citizens visualize the completed Trail.  This map will be posted to the city of Brevard website.

Mr. Ray reported that submission of the 2023 RAISE grant proposal occured on February 27. The proposal is posted on the city website.  He also stated that the next public engagement meeting will be scheduled after the engineering team has completed partial design of the trail.  Chuck McGrady reported that the Henderson County Ecusta Rail Trail Advisory Committee (RTAC) will take their engineering design, now at 90% completion, to the Henderson County Commissioners.  If approved, permitting will take about 60 days.  McGrady anticipates completion of the first 6-mile section by December 2023.  In response, Mayor Copelof noted that she and Paul Ray plan to attend the next meeting of the Henderson County RTAC.


Next meeting of this group is scheduled for March 29, 2023.

March ET Events


Henderson County R-TAC Meeting

March 8, 2023 @ 10:00am – 12:00pm



Brevard Ecusta Trail Advisory Board Meeting
March 29, 2023 @ 3:30pm – 5:30pm


Open to the public. Meeting at City Council Chambers. 

FOET NEWSLETTER CONTRIBUTORS: Bernard Grauer, Lynn Huffman, RJ Miner, Matt Revis, Cindy Ruzak and Dana Vance.